Tony Gelacio and Nick Alanis desired to establish an engineering practice that truly focused on providing engineering services for projects that improves the quality of life for all. With their demand for excellence, they established Entech Civil Engineers, Inc (Entech) in 1999. Their focus was to provide infrastructure design and construction management services to their municipal, county and state partners. Not long after this, Michael Ponce joined the practice.

Today, Entech is a well-stablished multidiscipline consulting firm and one of the strongest consulting practices in Texas. Our specialties range from feasibility studies, planning and schematics to final design and construction management.

We understand that our future depends on consistently providing a quality product, clearly communicating with our client and meeting expectations on a daily basis.

Entech has accumulated a staff that includes professional engineers, project managers, hydrologists, technicians, construction managers, inspectors, and administrative support to complete our clients project assignments.

Leadership Team


Tony Gelacio

Tony Gelacio, PE
Over 35 years of transportation planning, design, and management.

Nick Alanis

Nick Alanis
Chief Executive Officer
Over 30 years of transportation planning, design, and management.

Michael Ponce

Michael Ponce, PE
Executive Vice President
Over 30 years of transportation planning, design, and program management

Myrna Soto

Myrna Soto
Administrative Manager

Craig Hester

Craig Hester, PE
Chief Operations Officer
Over 30 years of transportation planning, design, and management

Jim Spackman

Jim Spackman, PE
Chief Management Officer
Over 30 years of transportation planning, design, and management

Chris Orosco

Chris Orosco, PE
Chief Information Officer
Over 20 years of transportation design, project management, and Technical Support








TBPE F-6932




METRO Small Business

SBE (Port of Houston)



TxDOT Precertifications

  • 1.1.1
    Policy Planning
  • 1.2.1
    Systems Planning
  • 1.3.1
    Subarea/Corridor Planning
  • 1.4.1
    Land Planning/Engineering
  • 1.5.1
    Feasibility Studies
  • 1.6.1
    Major Investment Studies
  • 3.2.1
    Route Studies & Schematic Design - Major Roadways
  • 4.2.1
    Major Roadway Design
  • 4.4.1
    Major Freeway Interchanges and Direct Connectors
  • 5.2.1
    Bridge Design
  • 5.3.1
    Multi-Level Interchange Design
  • 7.1.1
    Traffic Engineering Studies
  • 7.3.1
    Traffic Signal Timing
  • 7.4.1
    Traffic Control Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation
  • 7.5.1
    Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • 8.1.1
    Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization
  • 8.2.1
  • 8.3.1
  • 8.6.1
    Rail-Highway Design
  • 9.1.1
    Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Development
  • 10.1.1
    Hydrologic Studies
  • 10.2.1
    Roadway Hydraulic Design
  • 10.3.1
    Bridge Hydraulic Design
  • 10.4.1
    Storm Water Pump Station - Hydraulic Design
  • 10.5.1
    Bridge Scour Evaluations and Analysis
  • 11.1.1
    Roadway Construction Management and Inspection